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Owe landlord 1 years rent

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Hello all, first post!

Apologies if this is in the wrong topic and its hard to read, not exactly good writter.

So first off, i want to make clear why im 1 year behind on my rent. Last year i tried contacting my landlord about a faulty elictric box that arcs from behind the fuse panel and shuts the electric off without trippimg the fuses, the only way to get the electric back on was by giving it a boot but it would only last 30 minutes at most. He ignored that and several other problems with mould and sewers backing up and i mean there was no contact whatsoever even from his daughter who acted on his behalf. My wife and kids left the property and eventually me due to the problems so i withheld the rent.

Now 2 months ago i get a message from the landlord saying that since it looks like i have moved out could he have the keys back. I stated that i have not moved out and i was actually in the process (as my wife asked me to move in with her full time as we patched things up).

Over the next few weeks i keept getting emails saying if i have moved yet, but moving by myself takes alot of time. I was not aware of my rights at the time and that my landlord had not sent a notice to quit. I asked if he could sent a notice to quit so i have a clear picture when i need to be out he got up in arms saying since i dont live in the property anymore he doesn’t need too, i corrected him stating i do and need time to organize a van and help to assist in the moving. He later sent an email saying i do not live in the house and a private investagator can confirm this also where you are currently living and information obtained through NIE (Northern Ireland Electricity) that the house is compatible with a vacant property, (which it would be, there has been no electric in the house since last year) he also had written that i am playing a very silly game and could be commiting fraud, that i lacked substance and take him for a fool. I sent an email outlining my rights and his responsibility as a landlord and this second address i “live” at is to look after my 4 children and my disabled wife a few days a week. I thought the fraud he was thinking was i was staying at a housing executive property illegally without my wife notifying them, which is bull as my wife contacted them the first day i stayed there as she didnt want to loose her house.

He has started to get really nasty claiming i am lying and dont live in the property by visiting constantly, threatning to change the locks, move my belongings into storage and threatning me with authorities which i dont see what for.

I know him to not be a registered landlord and he has been lying about sending a notice to quit 2 months ago recorded delivery and they have attempted to deliver the notice for 2 months which is bull as it gets sent back to sender after 18 days. When confronted with this he ignores the question especially when asking for details of the delivery so i can take it up with the royal mail myself.

So my question is where do i stand? I have recieved the notice on the 19th and will be out of the property by end of notice but is it right what he is doing? 

I have every intention of paying back the rent in instalments when i have moved out and agreed an amount with him as i know i was definately in the wrong for not paying the rent.

But why he left it so long to notice the rent missing is beyond me.

If you are wondering about how i lived in a house with no electric i have a gas stove and camping lights and got my clothes washed and battery packs charged by my wife.

Thank you for taking the time to read this any advice you can give will go along way!


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What the landlord is doing is likely a scare tactic to get you out ASAP and his rent back. 

He can’t really do anything to you except get a court judgment on your name for the missing rent. While this is pretty bad to go on your record, there is nothing else he can threaten you with. 

You should have neven accepted this situation in the first place, living without electricity and all.. You could have gone to the council to request a safety inspection, which would have confirmed the severe problems and would have enforced some action by the landlord. 

You also wouldn’t have fallen in such drastic arrears of rent, which will surely put you in a tight spot when you have to pay it back. 

All in all, you could have been WAAAAAAY more active in pursuing your renter’s rights, which would likely have prevented most of what you’re currently experiencing. 


Hi Audrey, thank you for the reply. The only reason i did not contact the council and pursuing my rights is because i was not aware of any of my rights. At the time all i was thinking is why is he doing this and not repairing the problems. I had no family to turn to for advice or even aware the council delt with such problems.


I’m not judging, simply stating the root cause.

Landlords are actually required to serve you the government’s own “How to rent guide” as part of the procedure to protect your deposit. 

Please explore our library of content – we’ve covered almost all aspects of renting in the UK and you will find them most helpful in your future renting experiences. 

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