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Park on the driveway

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I rent privately and own a car. For the first couple of years when I moved to this property I had to pay to park on the driveway even if it’s not in the contract. I have asked the other tenants and they said they haven’t been paying for a way so I stopped as well. For the last months every now and again one of the landlords(there are 2 , they own the baize half/ half) parks the car on the drive way, blocking the access of one of the tenants who has a car without letting anyone know. This time one of them blocked both car park spaces and when questioned why he said he doesn’t need to let us know everything even if we look after the place and if he is repearing the boiler or anything he needs to inform us. And in a rude way said that he didn’t give permission to park on his side of the car par. My question is what shall I shall I do because I pay rent and I don’t want to be thrown from one landlord to another because they don’t agree. I did mention to the landlord that I will retain the fine if I get one because it’s a parking restriction on our street. 

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Hi Alina

So who owns the parking? If it’s the landlord and the tenants have no right to park there then, technically, there’s no right for tenant cars to be there in the first place so if the landlord blocks the cars in, it’s difficult to aasert that he shouldn’t. If it’s public parking then it’s the council and there’s no right for anyone to block anyone else in (I’m confused about exactly what you’re parking on as you mention a drive but also the street).

If you were paying for the parking – and it was on land the landlord owns- then you’d have a right to say something about his parking but it’s difficult to argue anything if you’re parking on someone else’s land without paying for it. If you want clarity then it’s probably worth trying to get something in writing – that may mean that you then have to pay for the parking but at least you would know where you stood.


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