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Parking Dispute

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I’m hoping you could give me some advice regarding a situation that is beginning to unfold.  I have been renting a flat for 12.5 years.  The condition of the property is fine and my relationship with the landlord has always been amicable.  They have recently developed the land behind the property for a further two flats, this area has always been used for parking which I have always used.  Since the development, the parking has been drastically reduced but I have managed to use whats available whilst the development has been ongoing.  There is some parking at the front but I have always favoured parking at the rear for security reasons, particularly because I drive a van with thousand of pounds worth of tool in the back. Also parking is over subscribed and I prefer to park out of the way leaving other tenants to use the parking at the front or on the road.  I’ve now been told by my landlord that I can’t park at the rear as they have put the flats on the market and believe the presence of the van might put off potential tenants. Also they have stated that all the available parking at the rear is for the new tenants only.  Subsequently, I’ve started parking at the front but anticipate that there will be times I’m unable to do this because my neighbours will be home first.  I am very reluctant to park on the road because of the valuable content of the van.

Can you tell me if I have any rights?
Or if they have any rights to tell me where to park?
If I am forced to park at the rear to avoid parking on the road, will they be in a position to threaten eviction?

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You have only rights to what is listed in your tenancy agreement as part of the property. The landlord has rights on all of his property and land. 

I highly doubt that your landlord will evict their well-paying tenant of 12.5 years for a silly parking dispute. 

As for the parking, you need to check your tenancy agreement and see what’s included in your property. When properties include a parking space, it should be clearly listed in the tenancy agreement. 

I understand your concerns about the security of your tools, furthermore that you use them for work (I assume) and a burglary will really disrupt your life. 

However, if the tenancy agreement doesn’t include an allocated parking space, you’re really not in a position to dispute. You’re left with what available parking space is there. 


What I would recommend is speaking to your landlord and clearly communicate your worries that a secure parking space is essential to your life. Perhaps they will agree to a deal where you will be allowed to used the back of the property for parking in return for a small rent increase, or something else that you can offer them like maintenance services, if you’re a tradesman.

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