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Parking permit

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Hi everyone,

I’ve just moved out of a property. when I was handing the flat back to the agency, I mentioned a parking permit for a shared parking garage of the blocks that we purcahsed when we moed in as requested by the agent himself. He said that the permit belongs to the property and I should give it to him. I did and later on realised that we paid for that permit and now the next tenant will get it for free, so I’ve been asking for a refund and so far he has said that that landlord was not aware that we had purchased it (althugh the estates agency were), and that the supplier could only sell the permit to the owner and not to us (so how sis we buy it then?) and that they won’t give me a rufund. Are they right not to pay for it if they are keeping it? Does it not work like the keys, you get them for free and then return them when you leave?

Many thanks


I’m not particularly knowledgeable about parking permits, but this link – – talks about parking permits being given a person and their vehicle, as well as their residential address.

How could this be passed to a new person with a new vehicle ? Instead, I found out that you can get a replacement permit with your new address, which is good for you, because you’re moving and still have your car. 

Sorry if this doesn’t help. 

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