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Paying weekly doesn't mean the 7 whole days?

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As a tenant I signed a 2 months agreement which goes from 3/7 (friday) and expires the 3/9  (thursday)

The agreement was signed the 3/7, friday, 4 pm.

As the agreement says, I pay 3 weeks in advance, every 3 fridays. The last week of the agreement, should  I pay the whole 7 days of the week, if leaving the house on thursday 3/9, as my landlord pretends?

Because I wonder.. In the case I pay 7 days don’t I  have the right to stay in the house up to friday 4 pm? Because if I go to an hotel on thurdsay I will pay twice the 3/9.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I’m not sure I quite understand the arrangement. However, if you’ve signed an agreement that states a specific move out date then you’re most likely going to be bound by it. If it doesn’t then I would imagine your right to occupy extends to 7 x 24 hours after that last rent payment is made.

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