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People living with me?? Free of charge

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I am a secured tenant for a housing association (social housing) in semi detached house with 2 rooms. I am still living here but my brother in law and his mrs and their 2 kids have recently been made homeless. out of the kindness of my heart i have decided to let them stay with me free of chargefor the near future. All the bills are still all in my name and their is absolutely no rent paid to me by him or anyone else for that matter. I dont stay at this house every night because my job demands that im out on the road alot (im a sales rep) and cover quite a big region. This is still my primary residence however im concerned that a new presence of a family in the home may cause concern to my landlord. Do you think they will A) try and give me a notice to quit as they “believe” I may be subletting or B) Spy on me and generally give me grief I pay full rent and have never messed my landlord around, am i actually allowed to let anyone i wish stay in my property free of charge so long as its my main residence?

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Luke- any additional people residing at a property is only permissable with the Landlords consent. It doesnt matter if they are paying you rent or not, the tennacy is granted to the people listed on the contract alone. Most Landlords are human and, based on your explanation, may be fine if you explain the situation and ut a timeline on it. However, without consent, you are in breach of contract.

Hope that helps- Kristjan

Service provider

Hello Luke, I work as a consultant for a lettings agency consultancy. We provide free advice mostly.

I’d like to add to the good sense suggested by Kristjan. Let me know where you are in the UK please and if you feel you can let me have a copy of your residence agreement. You can black out any names to be safe.

There are other ways to go perhaps as the free lodgers are your family.

Let’s look for the most friendly and secure solution.

Out of interest what kind of things do you sell on the road. You must get lonely too. Many of my friends work like you do and travel all over.

My direct email is ( Hope I can help you and feel sure I can.

Oliver Zander

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