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Period of notice when landlady is selling

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Our landlady has decided to sell property after just 23 months and promising long let with 2 young children. We decided to start looking even though she said it could take 3-4months and the buyer could be an investor to keep us on. We were lucky enough to find a house in the same road. It is currently being renovated therefore we are looking at 5-6 weeks. Once we have a date we are planning on giving one months notice. My question is as we are in a periodic tenancy is one month enough? Our tenancy agreement says tenants notice period is 2 months and she should give us 1 months notice but i think she has this the wrong way round? 


AFAIK the housing act requires you to give one month’s notice in a rolling tenancy (landlord stir has to give 2 months)


In theory the landlord could take you to court for breach of contract but personally I can’t see any judge upholding it.

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