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Periodic tenancy - can my landlord insist on 2 months notice?

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Our six month lease was due to expire and we didn’t want to sign a new one, so we asked to go on a periodic tenancy.  The agent wasn’t keen but eventually we got an email saying OK, but the landlord was asking us to give two months’ notice if we decided to leave.

We didn’t reply to that email.  Time went by, our lease expired and the agent didn’t ask us to sign a new lease or to confirm our agreement to those terms.

My question – does that email have legal force?  Do we have to give two months’ notice or can we just give the usual one month?  

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A periodic tenancy arises automatically where you don’t give notice on the previous tenancy so you don’t need anything in writing to create it. Usually it’s just a month’s notice for a periodic tenancy as far as I know. But the end of that notice must fall on the last day of your rental period (i.e. the last day covered by the last rent payment) or you go into the next rental period and you have to pay rent to the end of that one instead.


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