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Periodic tenancy/deposit

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I have lived in this property for 8yrs didnt pay a deposit on moving in as knew the owner. i have kept property in excellent order never defaulted on payments.Prems been sold new owner wants a deposit which i cant afford is this a legal obligation?


Hi Sue

I’m not a lawyer but I don’t think there’s a legal obligation to pay a deposit. However, the landlord is certainly entitled to ask for one and there is nothing to stop them from doing that. It does make sense for a landlord to ask for a deposit where they don’t know a tenant as it covers any potential damage the tenant might cause, and most landlords will require this now. Just make sure that they protect it properly so that you can be sure if getting it back if you don’t do any damage.

If you need some help working out the finances then Citizens Advice might be able to help.


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