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Permitted Occupier

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Good afternoon 

I have been in my rented property for 22 months and a good tenant, I rent through a letting agent (they also manage).

I would like my partner to move into the property with us (2 bed which is currently occupied by myself and young daughter). The letting agent has said they will need to reference him and create a new contract at the cost of £330.

I am after some advise how we can get around this please, as I am sure he wont pass the referencing and so where does that leave me? Plus I think its very unfair amount to pay.

Can I ask him to be added on as a permitted occupier? I have been sneaky and tried to get hold on my landlord who works abroad but no reply.

What situations would they allow a permitted occupier?

Any help would be very much appreciated.



Hi Millie,

Any agent doing their job right will insist all adult parties go on the tenancy agreement. If you have already qualified for the tenancy, his referencing should not affect this fact. As for the charges- referencing and redrawing all paperwork is quite involved- our agency would charge £276 for this process and we are one of the lowest charging agents in the UK so £330 is not unreasonable.

Sorry you didnt get the answer you wanted but they are acting correctly.

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