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Persistant Ceiling leak

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I’ve been living in a flat for nearly six years during which time we’ve experienced ceiling leaks in 2 of our bedrooms (we are on the top floor). One of which has become increasingly worse in the last two years with streams of water flowing onto the floor, especially during heavy rain.

I have notified the landlord every time this happens and his quickness to repair has been inconsistent at best. After the last serious episode, he sent someone over to clean the roof but a week later the ceiling was visibly wet (although not yet dripping) at which point I told him I was concerned it would begin leaking again. I received no reply.

During that time, I was sent a rent increase of £200/month (the second increase by that amount in 3 years) as we were outside of our tenancy (the landlord often will forget when the lease expires then three months later, will send me a back-dated new lease) – I again brought up the issue with the leak and was assured they would look at it. I know that the increase is based on market rate and I agreed to the new tenancy based on the understanding that he would look have another look at the ceiling but this was over a 2 weeks ago and now again after a night of rain, water is leaking onto the floor.

The leak overall has been ongoing for nearly two years with no permanent solution as yet and the landlord is only applying what seems to be quick fixes.

Could someone tell me if there is anything I can do in this situation? I regret signing the lease as it’s painful to pay such an increase in rent with an outstanding repair, however I agreed to it on the basis that it would be looked at. Are there any visible legal flaws here on the part of the landlord and am I within my rights to escalate the matter to the council?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Thanks for posting in our forum.

I think you are well within your rights to make a complaint about your landlord and report the issue to your local council. The landlord has some hide increasing your rent while expecting you to put up with a leaking ceiling. I hope you have keep receipts of damaged property and/or any cleaning bills you have had to pay as a result of the leak in the ceiling. It would be well worth your while collecting evidence and proof of reporting the matter such as photos, letter, emails of requests for repairs. For further info on how to proceed with making a complaint to/about your landlord and reporting your landlord to the Environmental Health Department see the link below. Take careful note of the risks involved in taking this sort of action though. Your landlord may choose to evict you, but you may prefer to give your well earned money to someone who values you as a tenant in the long run.

All the best.

Disclaimer: This information is derived from personal experience and should not be relied upon as a definitive or accurate interpretation of the law.

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