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Pest Control - is my landlord responsible?

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 I live in a terrace house which I rent with my 2 kids. A few weeks back we noticed a creature like a squirrel appeared to be trapped in the ceiling cavity. The scratching stopped and now my kitchen has around 10 flies a day which then go into the bathroom. Its totally disgusting and I can’t live like this. 

I told my landlord and he has told me he’s spoken to my neighbour. It turns out they had fixed their roof and trapped the animal and have the same problem with flies. My landlord said he’s unable to remove his roof to remove the carcass partly due to the fact it could be on my neighbour’s side. He’s rung the council and a couple of pest control companies and they all state they don’t deal with these types of flies or jobs where they have no access to the problem. He states the council informed my neighbours to “ride it out”.

So he’s told me to continue spraying and open windows. But this is disgusting and I can’t live like this. I’m moving back into my parents place and taking the kids. Can I demand I don’t pay rent for this time? He’s insistent that its only a few flies and that as there is no scratching this should clear up in a couple of weeks (what the council informed him of). But these flies are all over my food and stuff in the kitchen. Shouldn’t he pay for the sprays and traps? I want the house to be professionally cleaned too after the problem is sorted. Should he pay? What are my rights? 

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Hi Lucy

Unfortunately I think if he’s following advice the council has given him you might have a tough time justifying not paying rent as it sounds like he’s doing all he can. However, you could appeal to his better nature and ask for a rent reduction because of the problem – if the room is not usable then that seems entirely fair. The same applies to asking him to pay for any sprays and traps.


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