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Petition to Make Councils not cash in unfairly with HMO licensing

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My name is Chris, I’m a professional and rent places with my partner. We have found that landlords are advising us that if we want to add another person to help pay with the rent in a two bedroom flat, firstly, they would need to obtain an HMO license, which very few are willing to do for a 2 bedroom and if they did obtain one, we would have to pay a greatly increased amount of rent.

In response to this I have raised a government petition, I felt this would be a great place to get some exposure. My pitch is as below and if you agree, please sign it. All the best!

Young professionals are being forced out of Cities such as Oxford, Cambridge and many other large cities to move back in with their parents. Couples are seriously financially suffering from having to pay huge sums of money to live together.

In 2012 this happened:…tions/?ref=twt

It’s now 2016 and many many more people have been affected.

I want the government to help regulate the local councils and stop them for forcing unreasonable fees such as the HMO license on to landlords with small properties which then get passed on to the renter.

Read the legislation below yourself, and think, does it really make sense? Just three people? TWO or more households? 

An HMO license is necessary if:
It is occupied by three (3) or more people: Adults and children are counted as people

They form two (2) or more households: A household may be; either a single person, or several members of the same family all related by blood (up to first cousin distance), or marriage (or equivalent co-habiting arrangement).”

Many councils have implemented regulations that prevent more than THREE people residing in a dwelling. Even if TWO of those are a renting couple.

Everyone is well aware of the difficulties for couples and small groups to find accommodation. Current rent prices are simply not affordable without having a third person renting or being a large group.

Councils brought the HMO in; to increase living standards, although this may have helped in larger dwellings, this has had a huge negative impact in the smaller dwellings which were already quite suitable for three people.

Landlords of small dwellings have to pay excessive fees for inspections and HMO certification and force them to increase the number of people in their dwelling to gain monetary return.

HMOs may have indeed increased the number of available rooms for rent, it is equally removing the amount of available properties for young professionals. Our government should be aware and improve these HMO regulations to ensure more availability.

We need a change, and I strongly believe this will help stabilise housing and help hundreds of individuals who are a value to our cities.

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I will share it on our Facebook page. Best of luck.

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