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Pets and renting

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Hi was hoping somebody may be able to help. rnHave recently signed up for a rental property and made the letting agents aware we have a bearded dragon when asked about pets. However, got a phone call today stating that the landlady will deduct money from our deposit for deep cleaning after we have left the property due to the fact we have a bearded dragon which she expects to smell….. we haven’t even moved in, OR paid the deposit yet!rnIts worth noting that my dragon lives in a vivarium which I clean on a daily basis ergo she does not smell. Whilst I am more than happy to sign a disclaimer stating any damage made by my animal will be made right, I do not feel a deep clean would be necessary at all, especially considering all floors are wood and the property is unfurnished and for her to be already trying to take some of our deposit does not fill me with confidence!rnAny advice would be greatly appreciated.

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That is difficult, is there anyway you can perhaps talk with the landlord directly (it may be that the letting agents have not explained about BD’s correctly), I know people who have offered extra deposit to enable them to keep a dog/cat in the flat/house etc, and done directly with the landlord rather than the letting agents


If you can, speak to your Landlord directly, I’ve had good and bad tenants with pets, it will not put me off letting to someone with pets, but I do now have to charge an extra deposit for pets, but the responsible owners don’t mind paying it

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