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Pipe leak

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On the 2/2/17 I have reported a pipe leak to the letting agency, through their website, submitting photos and having this way proof of report. At the time it was a minor leak.

By 6/2/17 no contact was being made from the letting agency so I have phoned them, to be told they were trying to contact the landlord and they would get back to me.

By 7/2/17 no contact again from the letting agency, end of the morning phoned them, to be told my property manager was on lunch break and would be back in 20 min. 4 hours later no phone calls, phoned them again but no answer. Left a voicemail identifying myself, giving my address and contact number and reporting that the leak was progressively getting worse, causing now damage on the wall.

By 8/2/17 no contact still. Phoned the letting agency end of the morning to be told that the landlord wants to repair it with his own contractor and that should be ringing me that day.

It is now 9/2/17 and no contact from anyone has been made.

Not sure what should be my next step. 

It is now a week since I first noticed there is a leak on the hot water pipe leading to the basin. Not only is the water wastage but it is also water I am paying to heat.

Any advise would be really appreciated! Thank you.


You can request your landlord’s contact details if you don’t have them already. 

The letting agent is required by law to give you at least the landlord’s name and address. It seem they are not going to be managing the repair, so you have no quarrel with them. 

Find a way to talk to the landlord ASAP. In the mean time make more photos and recordings to show the progression of the damage and don’t stop reporting to your letting agent via email every day.

This will both show you’re actively looking for repairs and they will at some point rather help solve it than receive another email, AND you will have a record of the reports. 

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