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PLEASE help me!! On benefits, been priced out of my current flat!!

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I’m in a horrible position here – my Landlord has decided to put my rent up by £125 in one go. I’m not working for health reasons, the HB already doesn’t cover the whole rent, and neither myself nor my Guarantor (my mum) can afford this increase. My Section 21 notice ran out on the 22nd May, and we’re awaiting a decision from the council as to whether they can house me. I’m a ‘Vulnerable Adult’, but of course the council can decide I’m not even if a doctor says I am! If they decide I’m not, no help from them.

I’ve been looking around on websites for flats… I checked but am horrified to see that the rent for a 1-bed flat on there is a good £50+ more a month than on a normal property site, no doubt the reason they can say they’ll accept ‘DSS’ tenants. 

I’ve checked normal sites, most say outright “No DSS” or “No Housing Benefit”, and those that don’t, you email only to find out it’s the same story.

I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!! Is there any way out of this? How do I find another home? I’m making myself ill with this! I’m so scared!!!

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Hi Nicola

I’m sorry to hear you’re in such a frightening position. Have you contacted Shelter? They are able to provide all sorts of advice to people who are facing homelessness or housing issues – this guide to eligibility for help could be useful. 

Could you share a property? It’s often cheaper to rent a room in a flat rather than the entire flat – just make sure you have a proper tenancy agreement. Some landlords who say no DSS will take tenants who can offer a guarantor like you can so it’s always worth asking even if it says that in the advert.

Can the council at least provide you with temporary accommodation while they find something permanent?

I would try Shelter for advice and if you need legal help to support a claim there are law centres around the UK that will help with housing and homelessness issues for free.

Hope you find somewhere soon.


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