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Post Going Missing - Happening for over 2 years

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I live in a house which is converted into flats. From the outside the property just looks like any other house with a single front door and post box, but once inside its sectioned into 5 separate flats with a locked door to each.

For 2 years now I’ve been having post go missing. It started out with any parcel that wasn’t recorded delivery and a lot of letters that it wasn’t obvious who it was from (e.g. doesn’t have the council info written on the back or some other company)

I started getting everything important sent recorded delivery to stop the theft of anything of value, but then today someone has signed for a parcel I was having delivered and stolen it. I suspect it is my landlord doing this but I don’t have any proof of it. I’ve been having problems with harrassment from him due to rent arrears. In the past apart from post going missing I’ve had the power switched off to my flat, though when the landlord fixed it 3 or 4 days later he said the power had tripped, but I find it quite coincidental that it happened when I wouldn’t answer the phone or door to him because to be completely honest he scares me.

Last week on Monday someone also cut through the phone line to my flat, which happened after similar circumstances (When an engineer came to repair it he told me it looked like someone had deliberately cut through the wire). I reluctantly spoke to him on the Wednesday prior because he phoned me at 9:30pm and I thought there was an emergency or something for him to call so late. He wanted me to call him on the Friday but I didn’t. I’ve been trying to get support from Shelter to help deal with the harrassment and rent arrears and I didn’t want to speak to him myself because it usually results in him shouting at me and telling me I’m just lazy and should get a job, when I’m unable to work due to health reasons.

Today I was due to have a parcel delivered, using recorded delivery as I always do with anything important now. I often don’t hear people knocking on the front door from my flat as it’s like a converted attic and unless I have the window open and I’m concsciously trying to listen out for any noises outside then I often miss it. At Around 1pm I checked the royal mail tracking website to see it’d been delivered. I was a little surprised about this as usually if I miss the door nobody else signs for it and I just go into the post office a day or two later to collect it as its only about a 2 minute walk from my home. When I went down there was nothing there. I phoned royal mail about it to query who signed for it and I was told a name. I then phoned my landlord to ask if he’s familiar with the name and he said he doesn’t know. He also told me he came over today to collect any bills sent to him as they all go to the house in the hallway bit which is communal and he often enters. It seems coincidental that things always go missing or happen when he’s around, but I have no solid proof of it. I even contacted the police as theft of post is a crime but they wouldn’t even record it as a crime, only telling me that there’s nothing they can do if I don’t have proof (I suppose nobody should report crimes anymore then unless they’ve done the whole investigation for the police and can just give them an open and shut case to prosecute)

It’s really driving me crazy and I don’t know what to do. I’m on a waiting list with a housing association but no idea how long that’ll take or if I ever get a property from them since they need a landlord reference and I’m sure I wouldn’t be getting a good one from him.

I’m also wondering if a landlord has a legal duty to provide a safe place for post? All the post just gets left in the communal area. Anyone could steal anyone elses post how it currently works. I’m also wondering if anyone can offer suggestions for how to deal with the harassment? I have some quite severe problems with my mental health and he’s only making them worse.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi Emilie,

There are several separate issues you have raised here. I will do my best to address each one in short but clear answers.


The Landlord is not obliged to offer any secure post facilities in a property. However, the theft of post is, in fact, a crime. To ensure the ‘guilty party’ knows this is being taken seriously you can report the matter to the police. However, unless you know who it is, I strongly recommend against making any specific and unsubstantiated claims against any specific party.

Royal Mail also have a duty of care to ensure anything registered/recorded is only signed for by the applicable party. By having anyone else sign and releasing the package to them, they are in breach of terms and you can go after them for replacement of any missing goods- or have the supplier do so.

You can also do a couple of other things to help yourself:

Buy and install a cheap, wireless doorbell and ensure all orders you place have clear instructions for delivery people to ring this bell only when making deliveries to you (so no more listening out of a window).

Install your own, secure post box outside the property.

That should address your post issue…..

As for harassment- this is a serious matter and, if a legitimate claim, you have a lot of laws to protect you. You can report the matter to the police, this alone will usually ensure that the Landlord takes this seriously and respects your privacy and peace more.

However, you also need to understand, that you have a duty to fulfil all the terms of your contract- including paying your rent. Many Landlords are not the ‘rich moneybags’ often portrayed in the press and many make a reasonable living but rely on the rental income to pay their mortgage and bills let alone make a profit. Make sure that you do respect and understand this part of the relationship.

As for being housed by the Council, in my experience the council will never house you unless you are evicted from the property. As such, if this is truly a course you wish to take, this is something you may wish to discuss with the Landlord that he pursues. You then should get the housing you want and he will be able to let the property to a new Tenant.

Hope that is useful.

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