Potential damage to room caused by items provided with the room through normal usage. | The Tenants' Voice
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Potential damage to room caused by items provided with the room through normal usage.

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Hi all,

Going through a bit of a rough phase because of this issue, so any guidance would be very much appreciated.

I moved into a house almost a year ago and I have recently been told that there are ripples in the carpet due to the table in my room (provided as part of the room). I haven’t abused or misused anything and this has come about only from its normal usage.

The landlord got quite loud and aggressive in this matter, but I’ve not been able to accept this liability as it isn’t as white/black as breaking a window for instance. Could you please let me know who’s responsibility it is for the cost of repairing/restretching this carpet? I haven’t been given an indicative figure for this work, so I haven’t been able to make a decision whether I should just accept it rather than go through a dispute.


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Hi, thanks for posting in our forum. Sorry to hear about your stressful situation.

If you have moved out of the property and are trying to get your deposit returned, please read our article on “Deposit deductions and disputes”.

Here is an extract: If you feel the landlord is claiming unfair deductions from your deposit then you should dispute them. In the first instance, this will involve having a calm discussion with the landlord or the letting agent… It is important to note that the deposit is legally yours and it is the responsibility of the landlord or letting agent to prove that you owe them some or all of the deposit.

If there were checking-in and checking-out inventories, there may be evidence of damage to the carpets. If not, then it will be difficult for the landlord to prove that you caused any damage to the carpet.

You can also contact the Deposit Protection Company that is holding your deposit and ask their advice. Even if you do have to pay some money, it will not be the full cost of replacing or repairing the carpet. It will be a percentage based on how long you were living in the property and how bad the damage is to the carpet.

Here is a link to our page for further information on using a Deposit Resolution Service:


If your landlord hasn’t protected your deposit or given you the relevant information with regard to which DPS they have used, then that is a completely different kettle of fish altogether. Let us know if that is the case! All the best.


The above represents information derived from personal experience and should not be relied upon as definitive or accurate interpretation of the law. It is offered free of charge and may contain errors or omissions.

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