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Pre 2007 deposits.

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Hello, I rented my first house in October 2006 until 2012 it was before the tenant deposit scheme so didn’t go into any sort of scheme, when it was renewed every year should it have gone into one at this point and is there a cut off period for claiming this back, the letting agents didn’t payback the full amount because of general wear and tare. I was in the property for six years and it was never repainted ect.


Your landlord should have protected your deposit. 

Why ? Because a tenancy renewal essentially ends the old tenancy and begins a new tenancy with the same terms for another fixed period of X months. So, when the landlord renewed after April 2007, they began a new tenancy under the new legislation. 

Both Nearly Legal (a very prominent housing law blog) and the DPS confirm that if your landlord renewed your tenancy each year, it eventually went under the legislation requiring deposits to be protected. 

HOWEVER, due to the nature of the infraction, and the fact that it’s been 4 years since your tenancy ended, I’m not confident you will be able to get the compensation you’re looking for. 

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