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pre-mature move out from a property

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Hello Everyone,

I work in an IT comapny, we shifted to a property in Nottingham around April 2017 due to my project work. At that time I intended to stay in Nottingham for about a year due to the project. Suddenly, due to the project change I am required to join a new project and move London. So in order to facilitate this, I discussed the issue with my Landlord and the letting agency so that we can come up with a solution. Landlord and letting agency both agreed to put up the house on the market again for finding the tenants but they are unable to get tenants from past 3 months. In the meantime I found a place in London so that I can shift  to London but Landlord and letting agency are telling me that according to the contract I am bind with Nottingham house and cannot leave it until the term is over or they find a new tenant. If I leave then I will have to conitune paying the rent for Nottngham house till the tenure ends or they get a tenant.

This has worsen my situation as if I shift to London I am asked to pay the rent of London as well as Nottingham house and all my salary will go in house renting. Coudl I please ask if anyone has any suggestions for me in this case? 

Kind Regards


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Sorry for the bad news, but you’re basically stuck. See, you’ve signed a fixed term tenancy agreement, which binds both you and the landlord to the terms of the agreement until the fixed term expires. 

You can end the agreement with the landlord’s permission, but they surely won’t let you leave, until a new tenant has been found to take your place. And they are right. If you leave, they will have a void period where no rent is being paid and the property remains empty. 

I would negotiate with your company instead to assist you and cover your expenses since you’re moving on their demand. 

Other than that, I suggest you start looking for replacement tenants yourself. 

Here is some more reading info:

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