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Pre-notice seeking possession

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Today I have received a letter from my housing association titled as above. I pay my rent monthly instead of weekly. It is a set amount every month. 

It states they have contacted me previously. They haven’t. The amount of arrears is £422.99. My rent is £472 a month. Last paid yesterday. 

We receive no benefits. I must complete the enclosed financial statement and return it within 7 days. Otherwise they may seek possession. 

If the arrears were £422.99 yesterday. Then surely they are not today. I’m really frightened. I do everything I’ve been told to and never had any issues or contact before. 

I have contacted ha and they will get someone to ring me back. 

Can you offer any advice. Thank you. 

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Hi Laney

I’m not sure I understand 100% what’s happening here – were you actually in arrears? If not then it sounds like an administrative error that they need to fix. Perhaps they changed the rent due date without telling you? It might be worth talking to Shelter or someone at a Law Centre to see if they can offer you a legal perspective (they are both free). Don’t panic but be firm with the housing association – if you’re not in arrears and never have been then they don’t have a right to take action against you. Insist that you haven’t received any other correspondence and you would like a copy of whatever that first letter was asap. Be clear that you want to resolve the situation. Housing associations don’t have the best reputations when it comes to being efficient administratively speaking so don’t assume it’s your fault.


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