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Private landlord disputing cracks in ceiling

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Good afternoon, 

I would very much like some advise if possible, I have recently moved out of a tenacny that we had for just over a year with a private landlord, he was very much a jobs worth but I do understand the worries of being a landlord and thought he was protecting himself.

I left the property in an immacualte conidtion, rent always paid on time etc and even the land lady thanked me for being such a good tenant! ( I did take photos of the rooms before I left, all immacualte ) 

So, I had a text at 9pm last night accusing me of all sorts, firstly in the downstairs room there is two basic lights with three glass containers where the bulb is, like a cheap version of a chandilier I suppose. One of these lights had debris and insects in the glass vases, so he asked me how on earth that got there! As if it was my fault insects were in the glass and the second light didn’t work, I kind of assumed the bulb had gone and just used lamps as we always did. But the landlord said the electric connections were in no way connected?! We haven’t broken or touched them and I am pretty sure I’m not allowed to fiddle with the electrics anyhow! I did apologise to him, to say if I had changed the bulb I would of realised there was a fault with the light, so I do accept that. But surely I am not liable for cleaning out the glass on the lights? OR fixing the said broken light?!  Ontop of all this, he said the bedroom my children sleep in there was three 18 inch cracks in the ceiling, he accused me by saying how on earth did they get there and what happened to cause them! I did not see the cracks, If I had of seen the cracks I would of called the landlord immediatley, my children sleep in that room!! 

He has not as yet refunded my deposit, I am now worried he is finding these things against me to stop this. What rights do I have? I haven’t slept all night worrying about this?

Any help would be much appreicated!

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Were there move in and move out inventories done, outside of you taking photos ? 

Are the cracks visible in the photos ? 

I any case, electrical repairs, and ceiling repairs are the landlord’s responsibility unless the tenant has caused any damage. Deny these charges and argue that both of the repairs are due natural deterioration of the property. 

If you need to, summon the deposit scheme and request and ADR, where your case would be managed by an impartial adjudicator. 

Here are some links that might be helpful to you:



Many thanks for your reply, he just ticked off his boxes and said everything was fine. They actually seemed very nice ppl. I took photos but you can’t see the cracks, no cracks were mentioned on leaving and like I said, if I had seen them I would of immediately reported it. They have someone due to move in very quickly maybe he was just taking his frustration out on me. I’ve applied for my side of the deposit and I suppose I shall just have to see what they come back with. 

I do appreciate the reply, I know I am not responsible for electrics and cracks I just wanted to make sure. I have at long last got on the mortgage ladder and then this happens. It’s been a stressful week, moving etc! 

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