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Problem retrieving Deposit Joint Tenancy

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I’m having trouble getting my deposit returned as Haarts won’t return it unless both tenants (myself and my brother) agree in writing that the deductions are fair. I have written to agree but my brother refuses. The problem is my brother has no incentive to agree since I paid all the deposit. 

What can I do to get the money returned and can Haarts legally do this? Never again!





Your deposit should be registered in a deposit protection scheme. You can contact the scheme and open a dispute against the deductions. The scheme will organise an ADR ruling, where each side will contribute their statements and evidence and an adjudicator will take a decision. Then, the money will be split accordingly.

Ask Haarts for the deposit scheme details and liaise with them accordingly. This dispute might take quite a while, as the process is slow and goes back and forth a couple of times. 

It’s best if you and your brother can agree on a joint position and negotiate with that in mind. Other than that, if YOU paid all the deposit, why would your brother care if you get deducted, so long as you’re ready to sign it off ? 

I suggest you download our free guides related to deposit protection and deposit return. They will help you out with in depth information regarding responsibilities and rights of all parties and legal information as well. 

Download them for free from these pages:

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