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Problem with boiler for six months

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i have been a tenant of Chevin Housing for 15 years. In Dec 2015 my boiler broke and I waited two weeks for them to fix it. They did not offer me heaters. Since the supposedly fixed it I had intermittent hot water ie takes at least 5 mins for the boiler to fire up and kick in, can’t run a bath without the water going cold and the shower turns cold when you are in it. It has also flooded my kitchen twice so I can’t leave it on timer. I have had many engineers out but the problem is not resolved.

So about two months ago I went through my housing officer who passed the issue on to the relevant office based person. I still did not receive a call or engineer. Last Fri feeling extremely frustrated I emailed my housing officer again explaining that I still had issues and that this week I would be off work on Tue and Wed and expected a call about the situation. No call. Then today, Thu, an engineer turned up as I was leaving for work. Told him sorry he couldn’t come in and asks why nobody had phoned me. He said the number he had been given for me was dead. This number was an old number of mine from 5 years ago!! This despite me telling Chevin each and every time I rang to check they had my correct contact details

Where can I go now with this issue? Frustrated is an understatement. I’ve asked them for head office details to complain but is there anything else I can do?


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Debbie- I would report the matter to the Environmental Health Dept at your local council and have them pick up the gaultlet from here to help you get it resolved.

Hope that helps- Kristjan

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