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Problem with drains and verbal abuse

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I moved into this bungalow some 18 months ago and had only been here a month or so when the toilet got blocked. I thought a blocked toilet must be my fault, so I got someone to come and fix it. He said it wasn’t the toilet that was blocked but the drains and that it was nothing I’d done. I asked the agent if I could get the money refunded, but they said the drains were checked before I moved in so it was down to me. A few weeks later, without having done anything it happened again. This time I got Dynorod, whose engineer told me it was because the drains had been a replacement for an original cesspit and they were not very efficiently done. The landlord here insists on doing his own repairs, so when I had a problem with the electrics he came out and while he was here said he would have a look at the drains. There was nothing wrong that time, but he wanted to look anyway. A while after that he came deliberately to check the drains, so he knew there was a problem with them.

Last week I had another blockage and knowing that he knows there’s a problem, I asked him to come and sort them out. I didn’t see why I should pay when he knows they are faulty. After he’d done them he started ranting about how I’d put kitchen roll down there instead of toilet roll. Ever since I can remember I’ve used kitchen roll if I ran out and so does everyone else I know, and never had a problem. Also he never mentioned this the other two times he’s been. Then he started shouting at me and saying he couldn’t keep coming and doing them – I’d never asked him before; the other two times were his own idea.

I was really upset as I am a widow, living alone and am 67. I thought he had a bloody cheek, especially his attitude, and had it not been for my dogs I would have told him where to shove it there and then. It is not so easy to find somewhere in my price range when you’ve got dogs.

I don’t really know what I want from posting this, but I saw the other lady’s thread about the problems she’d had with her drains and the landlord refusing responsibility, so I thought I’d post in support. I am now actively looking for somewhere else; were it just me I could stay with my daughter, but she doesn’t like my dogs!

Thank you for reading.

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Hi Margaret

I have a dog too and I have put up with all sorts for fear of having to deal with pet-unfriendly landlords so I feel your pain. Normally, something like the drains will be the landlord’s cost to bear but if you’re putting anything down there other than toilet roll then you do bring the responsibility on yourself as this will be considered tenant damage. So, in this instance it might be better to let it go and not pursue the landlord for the intial cost you paid out.

However, it’s not acceptable for the landlord to be rude and start shouting at you and I’m sorry that happened. Unfortunately, there are so many unprofessional landlords out there – they forget that they’re providing a service for which tenants pay and so many of them need to work on their customer service. I hope you find somewhere better soon.


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