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Problems with Estate Agents not responding - repairs or emails

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Hi, I am having trouble getting the estate agents to respond to my calls or emails (or even when I go in person) to find out when repairs on the property I rent will be completed. We do not have a current gas safety certificate, or a legonella certificate, we still have limited heating as 3 radiators still need to be fitted (and so many areas have holes or exposed piping). The kitchen flooring is pealing up and under filled with mould and black stains) etc. I sent an email over a week ago (and handed in a paper copy as a letter). I still have had no response. It has been over a week or two since the last repairs person was on site, and they have never informed us of when they are coming (well not over 24hrs notice) normally they call in the morning, or a few hours – and on one occasion 15minutes before they turned up. The repairs have been going on for over a month. Yet I can’t get any response from our estate agents.
Please can anyone advise what is a “reasonable” amount of time for repairs, correspondence responses and if/when we are able to seek further advice or action.

We have never been given a schedule of repairs, but were lead to believe it would not take this long (mind you repairs men often say they’ll be back and we don’t see them till be badger the estate agents). Any advice would be very very welcome!!!

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