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Professional cleaning not good enough for end of tenancy? inspection?

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After living in a privately rented house for seven years, paying rent on time every month and submitting to a letting agent inspection twice a year (which I never had a problem with except for one time when I was told the carpet by the front door was a bit dingy, so I had the carpets shampooed) I was given a Section 21 notice to quit because the landlord decided to sell the property. The house was sold before I moved out.

Before I handed the keys back to the letting agent, I paid for the house to be professionally cleaned. The cleaning service I hired was the service that was used by my current letting agent to clean the property that I am living in now.

My old letting agent has come back to me saying that the house wasn’t cleaned well enough and saying that they are going to deduct cleaning fees from my deposit. They have emailed me giant close-up photos of things like the inside of my washing machine drawer, the inside of the extractor fan, hobs on the cooker, etc. They are billing me £190 for cleaning fees, which includes a £30 letting agent fee. The balance of my deposit is £720.

Is this a reasonable deduction or is the landlord/letting agent taking advantage of me? Unfortunately, there were no photos taken at the original inventory, so there is nothing to compare to.

Also, when I move,d in the house had a tiny washing machine that was too small to be of any use, so I replaced it with a larger, more expensive washing machine and later on, with an even more expensive washer dryer. As I left the washer dryer there when I moved out, am I entitled to compensation for the increased value of the appliance?

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Is your deposit held with a deposit protection scheme? they cannot do this without you agreeing to it, you should dispute this through that proccess.  If there are no photos at start of tenancy then there is nothing to compare it with. Have you evidence I. e invoice from cleaning company evidencing their services? Your own photos maybe? Ref washing machine – was there agreement in writing about you replacing machine. Normally in a contract it will state that white goods included in tenancy are for tenants use for thier lifespan and the land lord will not replace. This would mean the machine was infact your property and you could have taken it/sold it when you moved out. Check through your contracts an agreements.

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