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Property Inspections by Agents and Landlords

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Able Property Trust would love to get feedback, as a managing agent, on tenants’ thoughts about regular property inspections carried out by either their agent or landlord.

Please let us know what you think :

How do you as a tenant feel about regular property inspections carried out by either your agent or landlord ?

– Do you find them intrusive?
– Do you believe them to be worthwhile?
– Would you rather be left to your own devices during the tenancy term?

We would really appreciate your feedback as we believe this to be very important for our market research and we would love to put your comments and thoughts on our Facebook page (Able Property Trust) and website at


Good questions!
Inspections aren’t intrusive if carried out with respect, and with appropriate notice of visit given.
Yes, very worthwhile, on several counts – 1) to show the agent/landlord that you’re looking after the property, 2) to reassure the landlord that their property is in safe hands, 3) a good opportunity to highlight any issues which have been reported to the agent/landlord but haven’t been addressed.
Yes, I’d like to be left to my own devices during the tenancy period BUT it’s understandandable that at least one inspection every 6 months is needed, for all the reasons above.
In my experience, the vast majority of agents/landlords don’t carry out regular inspections, during a tenancy, even though it may be written in to the AST agreement.


I agree with Helen – sometimes I would like an opportunity to dsicuss any emerging issues before they get to be a serious problem – in our case we noticed some serious cracks apearing and the bathroom door would slip often enough that we had to keep moving the lock. Left too long, this might have been a serious problem. We also regularly repaint and refresh the woodwork and carry out small maintenance and take good care of the garden – it might be nice to have that acknowledged. If it were my property, I would definitely want to be sure that things are being looked after or identify problems before they get out of hand. Provided that it is dealt with sensitively, ie at a time arranged in advance and with proper notice, I wouldnt object.


We recently had an inspection where the landlord/lady attended and they were downright rude to us and the agent never intervened. Not a nice experience at all. I see the need for inspections and think they are needed to protect the tenants and the owners interests. Ours are every 3 months, i know others are every 6. Personally i think every 4 months (a quarter) would be more appropriate.


I agree, I’d be delighted to have an agent inspect the home – as long as they give enough notice so I can make sure the dishes are done, no laundry on the radiators, and I can run a hoover over the floor!

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