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Property is drafty and poorly insulated

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I have written this email to our estate agents and if any once can help tell me if i have any rights here or just any general help i would apreciate it thank you

To whom ever it may concern

I have emailed recently about the current problems in the house i have not had any contact about the issues i raised. Further there are now new issues that need to be talked about with the landlord.
Please do not misunderstand this for me moaning but the property was done to the standard of a ‘rush job’. We had only viewed the property once but seeing it at the standard it was it looked nice and presentable. It was not until we have moved in that we have noticed certain things haven’t been done with care.
The property is far too drafty. I’m not an expert but i can see holes from outside the back looking at the kitchen. When you place your hand in the kitchen cupboards you can feel a strong draft, with the cold weather all of the items in the kitchen draws and cupboards are covered in condensation, who ever fitted the kitchen did a poor job as i mentioned before their is a hole around the sink which is allowing water to fall into the cupboard under the sink and
Sawdust seems to appear and re-appear in the kitchen draws. The grout for the kitchen tiles has also been poorly done and looks extremely messy.
The front room door has a huge gap underneath it probably 2ish inches from the floor. The front door frame I’m guessing is new as its double glazed but i can feel a draft all the way around the door frame making the corridor in to the house VERY drafty.
In the room from the kitchen going to the front room (middle room)
Where the skirting surrounds the pipes coming from the basement is a huge gap again allowing more of a draft in so it seems to be the 1st floor that is the problem.
The bathroom window frame is covered in excess filler/putty also around the shower and bottom of the bath and a rather large screw above the main bedroom door.
Hot water for the kitchen tap doesn’t seem to make any sense as the hot water lasts 10 seconds before it goes cold/mild but doesn’t seem to be a problem with the bathroom tap so cant be the water boiler.

The house gets very cold and its not cheep to have the heating on all day every day if it wouldn’t have been us then it would have been another couple moving in to the property having the same problems. When you do have the heating on due to the draft problems, it is cold moments after turning it off. I’m sure the landlord wants long term tenants to be here which is what we wanted to be but currently as the property is we wouldn’t stay past the 6months and i don’t think many others would either.

I can purchase insulation tape, draft excluders and insulation foam, filler and i am more than prepared to fix these problems but i would not be footing the bill.
I understand it may not be a legal requirement but people renting at least expect a house to be better insulated, without a draft running through it.
I also appreciate the weather has been terrible but should not affect a house to this effect.
Thank you and please understand i am not moaning just want these issues to be addressed.
Thank you

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Hi there.

I noticed no one had answered your concerns and thought I would help where I can.

You have written a very good email and it seems you have covered most of the basics. You have the right to live in a comfortable and safe home.

My only advice would be to assess the health and safety issues associated with the cold temperatures and perhaps consider asking for a reduced rent to help cover the heating costs. If you view my profile you will see a detailed account of the problems I have had in rented accommodation, and in the house I live in now.

The best thing to do is give them the opportunity to rectify any problems and if that fails, call your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau for more information on what you can do.

It may be wise to find the contact details for your local council health and safety department and discuss the issue with them.

Be warned, however, you should give the agency every opportunity to deal with this before you ‘bring out the big guns’.

I, myself, have had to threaten my agency with a health and safety visit before they did anything, but it worked.

If you need any help with your legal rights or how to approach agencies, council departments, etc, just let me know and I will help however I can.

Good luck and I hope this is resolved for you soon.

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