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Property not according to tenancy agreement

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I recently signed a short term tenancy agreement (3 months) with a 1 month break clause for a room in a sharing flat. The flat has a shared bathroom and kitchen. When I viewed the property (before signing the contract) the previous tenant was still in the property. The property was a complete mess (the kitchen and the bathroom were well dirty and completly useless) but the agency assured me that it was going to be cleaned before I move in. They also told me it had free internet access. None of these were written in the tenancy agreement (my bad). I paid 1 month rent and the deposit. When I moved in the property the kitchen and the bathroom were on the same conditions and there was no internet access. Also there is no light in bathroom! What can I do in this situation? I really can’t live in a place like this. Is it possible to negotiate with the agency and end the agreement now (I just spent 1 night in the property), pay only one week (since the price is stated on a weekly basis) and have refunded the remaining rent I paid? Can I demand the agency to do the cleanings and repairs?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Daniel

Does the tenancy agreement cover any of the issues at all? Or did you make a written rent offer with any of these things as conditions to the offer? If not then it might be difficult to find a basis on which to force them to do anything – however, that doesn’t mean you can’t try. Contact them, point out that the things you agreed haven’t been done (if you have any email proof of what should have been done then that will be useful) and give them a date by which to clean etc. You could threaten to make a complaint about them to any professional bodies they are members of (e.g. Association of Residential Letting Agents ARLA) or to complain direct to the landlord about them (make sure you’ve got the landlord’s contact details from them before you say that).

If they don’t agree then make sure you take pictures of everything and take an inventory that both parties sign off so that you have a record of everything that is missing or not working.

Unless the flat is really unliveable i.e. it breaches basic standards set by your local environmental health department or the Health & Safety Executive then I think you’ll struggle to get out of the tenancy, no matter how unfair that seems. It is worth a try to ask if they refuse to do the cleaning etc but from what you’ve said it sounds like this is something they do fairly frequently and it doesn’t bother them so you may not get any joy.

The very last thing you can try is to contact the landlord direct – let them know what state the property is in, what the agency is doing and appeal to their sense of professionalism. There are a number of ways you can find contact details for the landlord – here.

Hope that’s helpful.


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