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Questions a landlord cant ask a prospective tenant

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Recently I contacted a letting agent about a property advertised online.

First he said its available and started booking viewing time then asked me what my nationality is.

Upon knowing this he started making excuses and then said actually someone shown a keen interest in this property and that he can not book a time of viewing untill that party gives their answer.

I found this totally discriminating.

Is this anything I can do about this?


Unless you can prove it that it happened they will i am sure simply denie if challenged. Just for the record i think it stinks and most defiantly should not be allowed to happen.


Well, it’s against the law to discriminate on grounds of ethnicity.
However, business is business and people from some cultures and ethnicities behave worse than people from others. We aren’t “all the same”.
For example, when I worked in London in lettings, we had landlords who wouldn’t rent properties to Africans because Africans rarely pay rent after the first month. Other landlords wouldn’t rent to Gulf Arabs because a lot of the Arabs would pee and crap all over the place.
Tenants from the following countries were welcome, due to general good behaviour: France, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, USA, Italy, Scandinavia, etc.
Tenants from the following countries were not welcome, due to general poor behaviour: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Middle East, Africa, etc.
Remember, the landlords treat their property as a business. Would you rent your house to someone who had a better than average chance of being a problem? No, you wouldn’t.
The way around it is quite simple: if people from a certain group find themselves being discriminated against, then to rid themselves of their reputation, they should clean up their act and begin behaving in a civilised manner. Then they’ll find that they don’t get discriminated against any more in lettings.

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