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Radiator water running through hot water pipes

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I have recently had a new kitchen and bathroom fitted, but after they plumbed my new bathroom suite in I noticed that evening when brushing my teeth that the water tasted like metal, I have always brushed my teeth with hot water as I don’t like the cold water on my teeth, I then ran myself a bath and noticed that the water was tinged yellow, when I asked the kitchen and bathroom fitters the next morning they stated they didn’t know why this was. I noticed if I let the tap run for a minute that the water would run clear again so I put it down to new pipe work as the fitters led me to believe there wasn’t a serious problem, after 4 or 5 days the water was still yellow so I asked them again and got the same response so decided to call a gas engineer to check the boiler, the engineer eventually came to the conclusion that my hot water pipe has been connected to my radiator pipe so I have effectively been bathing in radiator water for the past week, I am now really worried as I know radiator water can carry many bacteria and I’m concerned about mine and my children’s health, I have obviously stopped using the water, but I am unable to get the problem dealt with until Monday as all the offices are closed at the weekend. What I really want to know is should I go to the doctors and get checked out or would this be an over reaction as no one is feeling ill or anything…. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Natasha

I don’t think you’re overreacting and can see why you’re worried. It might be helpful to see the doctor – or perhaps call NHS 111 – and ask what you should look out for in terms of symptoms of anything that might happen as a result of contact with that water – just so you know what signs of something bad might be. If the problem isn’t fixed fast then you should call in the environmental health team at your local council.


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