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radiators in rented house

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the radiators in my house barely heat the house up but my main concern is the 1 in my sons bedroom which i think is too small and does not heat the room up at all which makes it constantly freezing in there in this weather. we have the radiators for 3/4 hrs before we put him to bed but it dont seem to make a difference i was wondering if its is the responsibility of the ladnlord/lady to change them asap or not 

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Hi Kamil

Your landlord has to provide you with a property that is heated to a decent temperature, especially in winter. This is taken from Government renting guidance for tenants.

“Where a home is consistently too cold, this is called Excess Cold which can lead to flu, pneumonia and bronchitis; heart attacks or strokes, hypothermia and even death. A cold home is one that cannot be economically maintained at temperatures of between 18°C to 21°C.”

It’s difficult to say whether there’s any responsibility for your landlord here without knowing more about the situation but if you think the room is colder than mentioned above then it might be worth contacting the local environmental health department, Shelter or Citizens Advice. Before you do, however, give the landlord the chance to fix the issue themselves – it may be that the radiators just need bleeding or something similar. Put the problem in writing and keep a copy of the letter/email – explain the issue and ask the landlord to respond within a specific time. If you don’t get a response, or a decent response, try the organisations mentioned above.


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