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Re-marketing fee

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Could someone give me some advice please. I have surrendered my tenancy early and gave a month notice of doing this, The company dealing with the lettings charged me £450 to re-market the property which I thought meant I would not be responsible for the rent. They still haven’t found anyone to tak the property and I am being chased for the rent. Ifs this right? Is there anything I can do to dispute this?



Hi Emma

That seems unusual – the cost of marketing the property should be the landlord’s to bear. Do you have correspondence in which they say that paying the fee will release you from the tenancy and that the landlord consented to that?

If the landlord agreed in writing to surrendering the tenancy then there should be no fee at all to pay – that’s the point of the surrender, both parties agree the tenancy ends early and so no more rent is due. If the landlord hasn’t surrendered the tenancy then unfortunately you’re still on the hook for the rent.

It sounds a bit like a scam to me – I would ask them to justify the basis on which they charged you the fee i.e. where does it say in their T&Cs that this fee will be charged and what does it cover? You could also see if they charged the landlord the same re-marketing fee. If they won’t play ball I’d first threaten to make a complaint about them – and then start making complaints about them.


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