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Really bad mould problem

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Me and my partner moved into a flat in mid September renting. In our small spare room there is a build in wardrobe with a tall shoe rack already there. So we stored our shoes and hung up some clothes in there. 

I went to look in there yesterday to organise stuff and found 2 of my shoes on the bottom were completely caked in mould. So I attempted to clean out the wardrobe but found many more shoes are covered and pretty much destroyed. As well as some jackets. Other clothes have had to go in the wash. 

After I took everything out, Ive seen the walls are actually covered in mould and on the skirting boards. the floor is concrete so not really sure about cleaning that.

Looking in the corner of the wardrobe hidden was an object I couldn’t work out what it was, it turns out to look a lot like cat poo or something that’s also covered in mould. so my worries about that is if there was a cat that pooed there is must have also weed, and we have carpet in the bedroom and spare room. 

The whole flat was all painted before we moved in and looks very nice and clean. until I looked closely inside that wardrobe.

I am certain that a bit of bleach won’t sort that as I looks like it has all got into the wood and will probably reoccur. so I do not feel confident about putting things back in there. but obviously we need it for storage. 

I have emailed our estate agents and sent photos so waiting for a reply.

I need help and advice. What are the chances of someone being sent in to do work on that spare room or refurbing it. and what can be done about our clothes and shoes that have been destroyed from it?? Are we covered. does household insurance cover that? I’m totally not sure and worried nothing will be done especially as we have only lived here less than 2 months…

I am also worried about ventilation of the spare room and bedroom I keep getting funny damp smell. Lots of condensation on the windows. so I have dehumidifiers and keeping the windows slightly open but still locked for air to get in. I don’t want mould to start growing..

Does anyone have any suggestions what I should do????

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Hi Suzannah, Im not a pro, sorry. Is your flat a new build? My last flat was and believe it or not it takes 10 or so years for the walls to fully dry meaning you may have some mould problems in the meantime. I say this because I had the ame problem in my new build flat, particularly behind our wooden wardobe. We had to dispose of it in the end because it was impossible to keep the mould at bay once it had got in.

I’m sorry I cant give you any advice but the best thing to do is to contact your estate agents via email only so that you have a paper trail. incluse pictures of the problem too.

As an aside, HG Mould Remover is brilliant, much better than the Dettol one. It’s about £5 on Amazon.


Best of luck,




Bit late to this one but I agree with Charlotte, HG Mould Spray is an excellent product backed up by it’s Amazon reviews. There’s also some good comparison pics of it here.

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