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Rearranging furniture

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I rented an annexe and i rearranged the furniture and brought an extra bed. The landlords bed is a single mine is a double, he did not want to take his bed away and i have no problem on having both in the property. I just prefer to sleep in my double bed. My landlord told me i need to get rid of my bed and put the furniture back where it was. Can he do that? He also told me to get rid of some of my stuff because the annexe was getting to full, is he able to do that?. He asked me to let him know with time when i was having guest over so he knows. I did but a friend came by surprise so I told my landlord immediately when he arrived and i got an email from my landlord how it was a breach of trust and now i am worried he would like to evict me. What can I do please help me I am very worried 

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Your landlord is being completely unreasonable with all issues you mentioned. 

You have a right to have your own furniture and to rearrange the home to your best fit. You may need to return it to the original condition, but only when you decide to move out. Until then, you’re paying rent – you have a right to have A HOME !

Guest policy is different, but again, you’re allowed to have guests as much as you want (without them becoming roommates, of course). 

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