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Reason for notice legal?

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My landlord has given ‘criminal damage’ as a reason for giving me notice. The damage was caused by a third party and it is now in the hands of the police.  I paid for repair of the window that was broken and I will be claiming that back in compensation from the ierson who caused the damage. This person was not visiting my property nor were they a friend of mine. Is this legal as a reason for notice?

Also the landlird has since told me that the damage has had an impact on the morgage and insurance…..surely not if no claim was made? 

There is no date that I have to leave given in the notice.  Do I still need to tell her what date I will leave when I find another property?  


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Hi Dawn

Based on what you have stated above this is not a reason to terminate a tenancy. In fact it is very hard to terminate a tenancy based on a ‘breach’ without going through quite extensive legal routes.

As such, Tenancies can usually only be terminated in keeping with the notice terms set out in your signed tenancy agreement. This will state the requirements either party must meet to terminate the agreement. If you signed an AST with the rent paid monthly, Landlords are required to give at least 2 months notice and should really issue you with a Section 21 Notice. Tenants, on the other hand, are only required to give 1 months notice.

Hope that helps

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