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Reasonable deposit reductions

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Hello having moved out several weeks ago my ex landlord is asking for over £3000 including the protected bond for recarpeting and redecoration in a house that was left in a very good condition (the only excpetion being a damaged carpet we had a quote for £150 to have replaced). They have provided pictures taken prior to us moving out which do not reflect the condition the house was left in. Why should I potentially have to cover the cost of redecorting and recarpeting the entire house? Are they allowed to make claims to this extent?


Hi Leanne,

This is why there is deposit legislation in place. You should take the 5 mins deposit module available on this site to better understand your rights and responsibilities.

By the sound of it, you should simply raise a dispute with the deposit scheme your funds were registered with and they will review and rule accordingly once both sides have supplied any/all applicable evidence.

This legislation is very tenant-orientated and is there to protect you from illegitimate claims such as this appears to be.

Hope that helps.

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