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Reasonable time to fix leaking roof

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I was reading an article on responsibility for repairs and how tenants have to allow “reasonable time”. The roofing my kitchen is currently leaking in an area that contains the washing machine and boiler – in everybodies oppinion and/or experience what is “reasonable time” for the landlord to have someone come our to look at this and repair it? We have had trouble with the landlord doing repairs a timely manner previously


Hi Katie,

The tricky thing is that there are no set time frames. However, when you report an issue like this I would expect a roofing contractor to attend withn 3 working days (although this will have to allow for weather- they usually wont attend on rainy days).

From that visit, they should have a quotation out to the Landlord within 3 days and then it is a matter of scheduling works. All in all, I would expect a contractor to start works within no more than 2 weeks from the issue being reported. Sometimes the schedule may be longer (due to weather conditions and other commitments) but you should definitely have a schedule confirmed within 10 days of the report.

I would very simply advise the Landlord that they have 2 days to confirm a works schedule or you will report the matter to your local Environmental Health department to investigate.

Hope that helps

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