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Redecorating, itinerary and moving out

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Hi all,

Looking for some advice around my impending move out of a rented property. For some background, the house we live in now was in horrific condition when we moved in but we took it because we had three weeks to move and it’s pretty much all that was available within our price range in the area we needed to live in. We’ve been here three years now and generally speaking the property is in better condition than when we moved in – we’ve sorted the garden, it’s clean, we’ve addresses horrendous mould issues, we’ve reported things as necessary and we made sure every single little tiny issue was noted on the itinerary before we signed it when we moved in.

Now our landlord has come to look around (we’re through an agent but the landlord hadn’t seen the house since she lived in it and wanted to see) and she thinks we’ve trashed the place. She seemed none the wiser on the condition of the property when we moved in and rather than just refusing to renew our contract she served us with a section 21 (which is fine – we didn’t plan on staying, but still!!!). It has worked to our advantage because we needed an extra month for our new home to be completed, so it’s fine.

Anyway, she’s now saying the house has to be completely redecorated, which I would agree with to be fair. They’ve already got new tenants lined up for the week we vacate so I assume she’s thinking that we’re going to accommodate improvements being made while we’re still living here and trying to pack.

Firstly, are we obliged to allow them access to redecorate while we’re still living here and trying to pack up to move? Also, if they do redecorate while we are still here then the itinerary is done on completion, obviously it will be significantly improved (presumably) from when we moved in. We’re worried she’s going to try to withold everything even though the real estate agents say we have nothing to worry about. If it’s redecorated before the leaving itinerary is done then surely they can’t hold us liable for anything anyway? Not sure i’m making much sense, btu hopefully someone will be able to help!


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To make sure this scenario doesn’t unfold, you basically need to do your own inventory prior to the redecoration. Take photos of absolutely everything, add written descriptions to each one and then (only then) you can be relatively calm about your deposit. 

As for allowing access. Typically, the landlord has a right to do repairs – redecoration included, but all of their rights to access are subject to your right to privacy. In other words, you have the final word about who enters the property and when. 

However, being difficult about access to the property will cause even more friction with the landlord and make it even harded to fully claim your deposit at the end of the tenancy. 

At this point, you want to make sure your deposit is properly protected. For your delight, we’ve just launched a new TTV tool – Tenancy Deposit Checker, which allows you to check your deposit in all schemes in a single go. I suggest giving it a go. 

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