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Reducing Estate Agents Fees Due to Bad Service

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First off, thank God this website exists. Brilliant idea.

My question is to do with Estate Agent’s fees.

I viewed a property yesterday with my boyfriend and we would like to move in. However, the Estate Agent didn’t show up. (Luckily the Landlady did.) Neither did the Agent call us to let us know she wouldn’t be able to make it. Furthermore, their description of the property is misleading. They actually describe features that aren’t even there.

With this in mind, do you think we might be able to get them to reduce their fees? As you well know, it’s extortionately expensive to rent anyway, so if we could knock a bit off the fees due to their bad service it would make our lives much easier.

The no show Estate Agent works for a small, local company that is registered with ARLA.

If you could give me any helpful tips or advice for this situation or pass the message on to anyone else who might be able to it would be great as I really am clueless in this situation.

Many thanks.


Hi Kerrie

Did the landlady make any comment about the agents not turning up?

In terms of the property particulars being incorrect you could have a word with the agents and ask them if they are aware that they are in breach of the Advertising Standards Authority regulations and the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991. In terms of the latter you may find that they have a get out clause on their website along the lines of “We always endeavour to give accurate information and photographs of properties to rent, however, these are intended only as a guideline and potential tenants must satisfy themselves by personal inspection. They do not constitute a contract or part of contract. The agent has not had sight of the title documents. No apparatus, equipment, fixture or fitting has been tested. Items shown in photographs are not necessarily included. All measurements are approximate.” However, if you have printed property particulars from them and this clause is not printed on the document, they could be in breach in any event.

You have nothing to lose by asking them for a reduction in fees giving your reasons why. You could also mention that you are surprised by their behaviour considering that they are ARLA registered and therefore should follow a strict code of practice. If they don’t agree to reduce their fees you could contact ARLA via the contact form on their website to make a complaint

If you have the contact details of the landlady you might want to discuss with her the fact that you would like to rent her property but you are not happy with the behaviour of the letting agents. If you have had problems at this early stage before you have signed a tenancy agreement, it doesn’t bode well for your future relationship with them.


Hello guys you are so true you should reduce some fees of that agent if you are not happy with their services. It is the agent’s duty to show the full detail and info about the property. BTW Whether you are buying or selling a home or looking for commercial office for rent or purchase. You can call us 7275400009 before you set out to bur or rent  any real estate in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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