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Reference Charges

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My son and family are privately renting and habe been in their current property for 11 months, the owner of their property has decided to sell and a “for sale” board has been erected outside the property but they haven’t been served any notice to quit yet. The Letting Agent has requested convenient times for viewings to take place.  They have started looking for somewhere else obviously as they can’t afford to find themselves homeless with 2 young children, and have viewed a suitable property with another agent which they are now in the process of formally applying for. 

Their letting agent is charging them £24 for a landlord’s reference.  Is this right or reasonable under the circumstances, they are not moving through any fault of their own and not out of choice either.  They are having to incur significant costs to move as it is which have not been budgeted for and this seems insentitive and insulting to me?

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Hello Gail, 

Even though they are moving through no fault of their own, moving costs are up to the tenants to pay. 

The landlord has a right to sell their property OR even reclaim it for their own needs. They don’t have to pay the tenant’s moving costs or the referencing costs.

You might think this is unfair, but it’s how it works. 

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