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Reference mayhem

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My partner and I are from the USA. He is a doctor currently working for NHS and I am awiating my Licence here in the UK. We are trying to rent a flat and started the process one month ago. We paid our reference fees of 360 pounds which in non-refundable to rent4sure only to be denied. The answer for why it was denied was because they took his base salary as his only income..which is not how much he actually makes but 1.5 times more, when my partner explained this to them they said they cant take it into account. So we were asked for a guarantor and another 100 pounds non refundable. Since we already paid the 360 we thought lets get the guarantor and just sign the tenancy agreement. We choose my dad, he is self employed, above avarage credit score, owner of a house for about 19 yrs and makes 190,000 dollars a year, he proved it by sending his tax retu. I write this amount because today we were deinied from rent4sure guarantor reference, the reasoning was that he does not make enough because he is self empolyed. I find this to be unthincable, we have started the rent process one month ago, this tuesday December 2nd we must move out from our place and have no where to go because for some reason the referance company will not clear us. We have no convictions, we work hard and i dont know if its because we are new to the country or if this has been just a huge scam from the beggining. Its extremely frustrating and we are at our wit’s end with this whole situation. Any information or hints would be helpful thanks

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