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Refrencing process.

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Hi there. Me and a friend are looking to move into our first home together. We are both working. Him contractually full time and me part time. I am worried that I will fail the referencing process do to contractually being on low hours (10). The majority of my income is made up of overtime and the overtime is guarenteed. You can have as many hours as you are willing to do. Usually I work 25/30 hours a week depending on what i have to do during the week such as take grandparents to hospital appointments ect.. The problem being is that that referncing is being done online, they are asking for my contracted hour and salary. As mentioned low and low. Will they take overtime into account? If not what will be my options? Six months rent upfront is an unrealistic ask. I’ve spent the last 6 months or so sofa surfing or sleeping in the car, i and my friend both need a place to call our own. Just to add. The rent is £350 i earn approximately  £430 pm without overtime. The extra work makes it up to around  £1100 after national insurance and my friend works 33 hours and earns around £1400. We are both having referening done for this. And the landlord and agent are aware that it will be a down the middle spit of bills.  Sorry if anything doesn’t make sense, grammar is a bit shoddy ect… using a telephone to type isnt my strongest point. 

Thank you in advance, James. 


This makes perfect sense. It’s normal to be worried as referencing doesn’t favour working conditions such as yours, even if you know you earn enough to afford this property, even more so with a friend who works full time. 

What you need to do is explain thoroughly your part-time working arrangement. Don’t be shy to reveal the contractual numbers, but do include the realistic income that you earn. Concealing information will only make it harder to prove your worth if they find out, and referencing companies do have methods to find out. 

For a start, you may be requested with a reference from your employer, or their phone number, so the details can be confirmed. 

If you fail the referencing, do consider finding yourself a guarantor with a full-time contract to back you up. Make sure it’s family or your closest friend, because being a guarantor is a serious responsibility and you can’t ask just anybody to do it (nor will just anybody agree). 

Please read our article on credit checks, referencing and guarantors. It will give you more information on how these things work.

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