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Refused because of having child?!?

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my husband and I are trying to find a 1 bed property to rent in Luton, and because we have a 18 mths child we where refused many times. Last time they didn’t even tell us from the beginning . Te’ve leted us to see the house ,and after they said is for rent under application and landlord will decide who will pick. After one day they called us and they’ve told us very relaxed that the landlord picked someone without kids and is better for us to find a bigger house. My jaw just dropped. Is it even fair to do such things? Could I make any complaint ? I’ m sure they are lots of parents in my situation . 

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Hi Monica

This is incredibly frustrating but unfortunately normally landlords do have the right to accept or reject based on their own criteria. The only exception to this I would imagine is where they run into discrimination laws (if they do) – if you wanted advice on that you’d have to speak to a lawyer. There are free law centres around the UK where you can do this. 

In terms of practically finding a flat, I think some landlords prefer families so perhaps look out for those or perhaps try to pre empt any issues a landlord might have by getting good references from a previous landlord that mention things like noise or mess i.e. that you’ll take good care of the property and won’t disturb the neighbours.

I know it’s not the same but I rent with a dog and in the past paying an extra 1/3 ‘pet deposit’ to cover any damage has gotten me past any mental barriers the landlord has had. You really shouldn’t have to do that with a child I know but something similar might be worth a try if you get really desperate given how competitive the UK rental market is.

Sorry not to be more help.


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