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Remove The Cooker ?

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Hi can anyone please shed some light for me ? I paid for an end of tenancy clean and happy with the results however, the land lord has put a photo on her Facebook  wallshowing some swept up dirt etc on the kitchen floor which has presumeably come from under/behind the cooker.  So:

1. Is it expected a cooker/oven be pulled out and cleaned behind, at a end of tenancy clean to reobtain the deposit ?

2. Is the landlords use of facebook to show a photo of the floor acceptable landlord behaviour ? (There then followed some post from her friends of a uncivil nature)

Many Thanks



Hi Brian

I don’t think there’s anything you can do about the landlord posting images to FB – it’s unprofessional yes but nothing you can take action against as far as I know.

No, in my opinion it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect an end of tenancy clean to include pulling appliances away from the wall. However, if you have an inventory and it records that there was no dirt under the cooker when you moved in then arguably that’s how you should have left it. Given that it’s probably taken the landlord all of two minutes to move it and sweep behind there though, any deduction would have to be very small.

If your landlord tries to withold anything for this then raise a dispute with the deposit protection scheme that has your deposit. Let them decide whether it’s reasonable or not – the landlord will have to prove a right to charge you.


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