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Renew of Contract / Trespass / Data Protection

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May I know will your agent ask whether you will renew the coming year contract without giving you the renewed terms and conditions (i.e. rental, new ASTA for preview, his professional charges, etc.)? We asked him for them but he never reply. However, few weeks later, he said he will not renew the contract with us. Is it weird?

Email sent from the agent asked for viewing but tenants replied him twice that no viewing on that time / date. Can he still trespass the property? Can he just rang the bell once and open the entrance door with his own key? What will you do if you are the tenant that terrified by the trespass?

One more question, as we are still living in the property – as a security measure, can we asked the agent to provide us the prospective tenants’ name before their viewing? The agent said it is against the data protection, is it true?

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