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Renewal fee for tenant and rolling tenancy

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Hello, I’m an inteational student who arrived in UK not even two months ago. So, I am not familiar with the rules about tenancy here.

I got help finding a room from a private letting agency that is owned by the university. I wasn’t sure about the end date of the school (again because of the differences of education in my country) So I made an agreement for 10 months although I needed 12. I wasn’t told there would be an extra fee for renewal and nothing is written about it on the shorthold tenancy agreement. 

Now only two months in, I received this disturbing e-mail:

Please note ****(agency) are currently advertising properties to students for the next academic year 15/16 and conducting viewing.

In order for us to establish which properties are available for viewings, please could you advise us with immediate effect should you wish to rebook at your current accommodation. You will be required to fill in the application form attached and make payment of the renewal fee of £80.00 in order to rebook.

 Please note that viewings have already began  for the 2015-16 school year and should we not hear from you we will assume you will be vacating on the vacating date stated on your contract. Should you wish to re-book, please contact the office on ****** or via email ******  with your completed application form and we will be happy to proceed with the next steps of your renewal.

A renewal will not be deemed as complete until an application has been submitted, £80 admin fee and the renewal tenancy agreement signed with guarantor form (if applicable)”

After an online research I leaed about rolling tenancy. It is mostly said that landlords may prefer rolling tenants rather than looking for new ones however this is a small town with a huge student population and a crazy amount of students come looking for accomodation.

Now my questions:

1- In rolling tenancy, if landlord doesn’t want me to continue, he should wa 1 month before.

Can he do that 1 month before the agreement ends so I can’t even get to be a rolling tenant?


2- According to what I know about rolling tenancy, end date of agreement doesn’t mean that I’ll leave the house at that

time. Untill tenant or landlord makes it officially clear that the house will be vacated, it means I’ll continue to stay here.  Do they have right to bring viewevers to a room thats contract isn’t cancelled?


3- According to my assumption in question “2” do they have to right to make a contract with another person for the room before my contract isn’t cancelled and I still have the right to continue as a rolling tenant?


P.S. Another detail about my situation, it is a private house with 4 rooms, each rented seperately to 4 students.


Thanks for reading! I hope someone has answers…


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