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Renewal fees - whats acceptable and how do I challenge?

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Hi folks,

Im just finishing a 12 month tenancy and looking to get it renewed through the letting agent – who have told us that it will cost £60 each tenant. TTV have stated on their front page that no more than £25 is an acceptable amount to charge for a renewal fee. This is clearly more than double. 

If this is is the case, what is the best way to challenge this without risking the renewal itself? Myself and my housemates love the house so definitely want to stay, but that does seem extortionate. 

Any advice would be really helpful.


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Can you please send me the page where you’ve read about this £25 fee. It might be outdated and misleading. 

In any case, there is practically nothing you can do to challenge the renewal fee. You can demand a lower fee, but everybody will know you’re bluffing because there is no argument in favour of tenants. 

So long as letting agencies advertise the fees on their websites (a legal requirement) they can charge whatever they like and it is up to you to accept it, or leave.

For our most up to date content on letting agent fees, please read this article –

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