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renewel of tenancy and rent increase

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about a month ago whitegates asked me what my intentions were for my renewel of my tenancy i was offered 3 options i took the offer of 12 months no mentioned of rent increase  was even mentioned which i thought should have beened so i had the full facts to make my decsioned now i have beened informed the rents increasing 25 pounds pcm i wonder where i stand on this

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You can continue your existing tenancy on a periodic basis (month to month) at the same rent, BUT, they can then issue you with a section 13 notice to increase the rent anyway.  This notice must be sent to you 1 month before any increase takes effect.


You can sign the new tenancy at the increased rent and have the security of another 12 months.


You can leave and find another flat.


Rents are always going to increase and £25 pcm sounds modest.  Think of the costs involved finding somewhere else to live.

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